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The mission of our lab is to make a positive impact in science, in our team members and for patients everywhere. Our research program focuses on understanding the developmental biology and genetic underpinnings of craniofacial development. We are particularly interested in translating fundamental discoveries to clinical impact. Current projects include investigations of transcription factors important in regulating embryonic epithelial biology and neural crest differentiation, and the clinical malformations associated with this biology. We utilize the state-of-art approaches of genomics and cell biology in zebrafish, mouse and human iPSC models to mechanistically analyze these topics. Our lab is highly collaborative and provides a nurturing and fun environment ideal for graduate students interested in learning science, learning the tools to do science and mentorship toward an impactful career using science. Our team is also cultivated to ensure diversity and equity of all members.

Alx1 EMBO cover 2021
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Research: Research
Fish jaw fluorescence microscopy


  • Cleft and orofacial cleft outcomes

  • Craniosynostosis

  • Beckwith-Weidemann Spectrum 

  • Molecular diagnosis and deep phenotyping

  • Fetal diagnosis and congenital personal medicine

  • Drug discovery

  • Gene editing

Zebrafish craniofacial development


  • Zebrafish models of cleft lip and palate malformation

  • Cranial neural crest biology

  • Transcriptional regulation of craniofacial development

  • Epithelial mesenchymal transition

  • RNA splicing during embryogenesis

  • High throughput functional analysis of candidate genes implicated in facial morphogenesis

  • Wnt signaling in craniofacial development

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